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Left Bank Hub

Not Currently Available for Purchase

About us

Founded by Left Bank Media, Left Bank Hub takes inspiration from the Left Bank in Paris—a place where artists, musicians, and writers would come together to collaborate and create.

Left Bank Hub brings together the world's greatest artists—from emerging to world-renowned—to network, find collaborators, search virtual performances and calls for artists, access—and host—events from virtual workshops to wellness events, take online courses taught by experts in the industry, and more.

Why you should join

We create a space for artists of all walks of life to access resources and tools to better their craft, while finding like-minded people around the world to network and develop lasting friendships with.

Our industry has been terribly affected by Covid-19, but together we can build off of each other's strengths, collaborate and learn together, and become better artists through this community.

Left Bank Hub offers artists, labels, and managers:

  • Gig board for finding virtual performances and calls for art
  • Access to a grant + residency board for locating paid support and growth opportunities
  • Access to artist workshops and mentor sessions
  • Wellness events (virtual yoga, tarot reading, guided meditation + sound baths)
  • International member's chat function for making connections—and friends—with artists around the world
  • Opportunities to perform—and host—member's only events (DJ parties, live theatre performances, live poetry readings)
  • Section for finding—and pitching—publicists
  • Monthly artist salon
  • Monthly members newsletter with opportunities to be featured
  • Exclusive offers and perks with local and global partners

In partnership with Chez Nous Guide, Left Bank Hub offers BIPOC, Women, and LGBTQIA founders:

  • Access to an international network of diverse founders
  • Access to private members-only events with founders, VCs, and more
  • Access to private groups for finding grants, incubators, VC funding, and awards
  • Monthly members newsletter with opportunities to be featured

Why pay?

When communities on social networks are free, it might seem silly to pay for access to our virtual member's network. We get that, and we get that because of Covid the amount of funds in our pockets is ... much smaller.

Unlike Facebook where you have to join multiple groups and keep track of the content, Left Bank Hub allows you access to artist and community groups outside of your region and industry. Say you are a musical theater composer and want to find a poet to co-write lyrics, you can do that here. Say you're an artist manager and want to pitch a collaboration with dancers and venues, you can do that here. Say you're a writer (like our Founder) and want to have live writing sessions with people from outside your network, Left Bank Hub provides that.

Our membership fee is minimal for artists (because, we totally get it) and goes to keeping the site alive, paying moderators, putting money in the pockets of our artists and experts for their virtual—and IRL—events, and to a regular grant fund that our members can apply to.

Plus, when you support Left Bank Hub you are supporting a small, black-owned business not Mark Zuckerberg.

Inside the Hub

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